Thursday, February 14, 2013


I went into the barber shop (alright, technically they are "stylists," but who knows the difference?).  I had my blue Brooks Brothers blazer on.  My hair was a bit long.  I said "cut it short."  This barber (alright "stylist") has cut my hair several times before and has always done a solid job.

So after a good hunk of my hair is gone, she asks "so you want it spiked and with yellow streaks right?"  I about had a stroke.  She really meant it.  I suppose because when folks wearing Brooks Brothers jackets come in asking for "short," they obviously want spikes and yellow streaks.


Anonymous said...

i live in a town that has barber shops... and as you know cut it short is kinda vague. i once said that (when i still needed hair cuts) and the lady said "i cut hair at Lackland AFB." do you want it high and tight? i said "yeah..." Now that was a hair cut!


Nog said...

Well the last time I said "short and conservative," I got it cut jarhead style and I looked completely ridiculous.